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Complete Video Crisis Leadership Program


Proven 5 Steps Crisis Leadership Framework with Case Studies. Covers both Leadership and Managerial Concepts. Sound knowledge of Crisis Leadership Framework.
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Learn the frameworks and strategies to step into your real power as a leader.


Evaluate your leadership style.


Awake managers and leaders with different behavioural traits.


Drive individuals that show high potential.


Establish leaders to be highly successful and creative Leaders.


Rise important leadership skills and become more influential.



The Future You Commit To Create

A promise to stand for something bigger than you pride no matter what!

The promise that you will not settle on less than the best.

The promise that you will pay the price to keep the promise.

The promise that you will stretch yourself.Course Workbook Samples

The promise to master the art of putting strategies into practice.Course Workbook Samples

The promise to sharpen your tools and learn new skills.

A promise to gain mastery in your required field.

The promise to stand tall against all odds.

The promise to master the art of putting strategies into practice.

The promise to make continuous improvement your way of life.


Discomforts You Are Willing To Embrace

Read the situation with a possibility mindset

Inspire creative solutions to your situation

See the consequences in advance

Know your complete plan (including plan B)


Remodelling Your Organization To Survive The Crisis

Increase your awareness about your performance and standards

Notice how others are doing it

Narrate your differentiating point that makes you unique

Optimize opportunities by obsessively chasing excellence

Validate your readiness for the big game

Anticipate the outcomes of your innovative ideas

Translate ideas in to action

Entice yourself to a relentless feedback on your progress


Thriving On Changes In The New Normal

Daily intensity

Relate every step with your promise

Identify speed-breakers

Visualize the preferred future even when it is obscure

Enter in to your fear-city


Instilling Resilience & Extreme Ownership At All Levels

Educate yourself constantly

Maximize every growth opportunity

Protect yourself against disempowering incidents

Optimize opportunities by obsessively chasing excellence

Offer selfless support to others

Welcome a network of support relationships

Elevate others leadership potential

Reinvent yourself occasionally

Managerial & Leadership Concepts

What is Leadership

Management Vs. Leadership

Managerial skills Vs. Leadership Skills

Principles of Leadership

Who is the Leader

Importance of Self-Leadership

Are Leaders born or made

Managerial Grid

Managerial Grid Assessment

Good Management Roles

Actioned-Oriented Roles

People-Oriented Roles

Limited Time Offer: Was $362! Now Only $38!

If leaders were solely born what is the point of the rest of us studying leadership or management?

Developing a better sense of self is incredibly grounding. It helps you navigate difficult situations with less stress and negative emotion – because you have a higher level of emotional intelligence.

Why Leaderment?

Covers both Leadership and Managerial Concepts and Sound knowledge of Crisis Leadership Framework

Who we are?

Our Corporate Education or recently Workplace Learning, is a system of activities designed to educate employees.

Put the PRICE framework to work

Be transparent about what you are doing — and what you are not

Some people need to stop doing what they are doing because it will only drain resources without adding value. Others need to jump into new activities. Customers, suppliers, and partners are also trying to adjust — and may be some of your greatest resources. Communicate frequently and honestly — and ask for feedback.

Build in sensemaking, then pivot or adjust as needed

You need to hear information, clarify decisions, and understand changes — and you need help to make sense of it all. Streamline the flow of communication to maximize access and enable decision making at the point of need.

Find ways to personally recharge

The adrenaline rush of the initial crisis is fading, but a different type of energy is needed to sustain you now. You and your colleagues are probably already physically, mentally, and emotionally fatigued, and that may continue for a while. Everyone will experience their own rhythm and reaction to the overwhelming scope of change.

Raise the bar for senior team collaboration

If collaboration at this level is anything but stellar, you’re in trouble. Broad alignment is impossible if senior leaders are working against one another, defending their personal interests, or simply unskilled at fast paced, high-calibre collaboration

In groups with strong direction

People are uncertain about what they should focus on and accomplish, or they feel pulled in different directions by confusion, or competing goals. In the COVID crisis, clarity of direction is a big ask.

Frame the crisis as a challenge guaranteed to transform leaders

Emphasize the opportunity for development, growth and possibility, collaboration and coordination, rather than loss. This helps create focused action and generates a sense that people do have some control and choice.

Course Workbook Samples

Limited Time Offer: Was $362! Now Only $38!