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Customizable Training Material Packages To Help You Deliver A Great Training
This is how we can help With your Next Training
Deliver a fun, engaging & effective training easy with our training material packages

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All you need to deliver a great training!

Training course material packages that are fully scripted, highly adaptable, and user-friendly, incorporating the latest training models and proven concepts with the clear direction along with tips and suggestions of what to say with each slide, to help you retain your momentum and your course attendees’ attention – and get your message across in the best possible way.

High Impact Power-Point Slide Deck

To support immersive learning, a high-impact professionally designed power-point slide deck to engage trainees at all levels.

Workbook / Key Notes

A comprehensive reference workbook you can give out to your class participants as a quick future reference.


With step-by-step clear directions with tips and suggestions on what to say and how to present each slide.

Activity / Exercise Sheets

Various training material and support documents to help you both explain and debrief the different exercises, activities and games Plus a fun final Jeopardy-style review game as a fun ending for your training program.

Additional Support Documents

To ensure you have all you need to deliver a complete and professional training program, additional supporting documents are included with each full course material package. From training evaluation forms to 5 different certificate templates that you can edit and hand out to your participants at the end of your training.

Job Aids &

Specific forms designed to extend and reinforce the training that participants can utilize back on the job to help them apply the newly learned concepts (Select training material packages)

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Comprehensive & Well-structured Training Course Design Documents

Even if you’ve never delivered a training course before and are finding the whole process a little daunting, our training materials provide everything you need to complete an effective, engaging and fun professional course. Our training course materials are presented in an easy-to-follow format with enhanced instructions for trainers to explain all of the key points, models and concepts to delegates with clear directions and debriefing instructions for every activity and exercise, incorporating the key points and main takeaways to deliver and tips on how to get your points across. Our tabular Trainer’s Guide provides clear direction and suggestions on what to do and say with each presentation slide, to enhance the delivery of our high-impact PowerPoint slide deck and comprehensive participant workbook.

Training Concepts & Models that Achieve Measurable Results

Our training course materials and courseware packages come with over 20 years of professional training design and delivery for some of the largest multinational corporations in the world. Experienced instructional designers and senior trainers have researched and developed these training courses that have proven to be very popular with learners of all types and have consistently achieved measurable business results.

Affordable professionally designed customizable training materials

You do not need a huge training budget to develop your people. Every true leader knows that staff development is at the core of his/her job. Now, even with a low training budget, you can afford to deliver affordable, professionally designed course materials and courseware packages.

Deliver fun, Effective And Professional Trainings Easily!

✔ 100% customizable

You can easily customize, personalize and tailor each training course material package to match your training objectives and the training needs of your audience. You even have full rights to brand it with your own brand name. (We only do NOT allow re-sale of our training course material packages)

✔ Great value for a small investment

Receive a package of extensive and well-structured training course materials complete with comprehensive trainer guides, delegate workbooks, powerpoint slides, activities and exercises as well as several support documents from evaluation sheets to attendance certificates so you have all you need to run a successful training program.

✔ Get new ideas for activities, exercises and games

Each of our training course material packages includes a plethora of self-discovery exercises, activities and games addressing specific key learning points giving you more ideas for activities and interaction to enliven your existing course materials.

✔ Standalone modules can easily be added to enliven your training material

Each training program is logically structured into standalone modules each focusing on a specific topic for ease of customization, addition or incorporation into your own existing course materials

✔ Fun, competitive review game to end on a high note

An exciting and competitive review game (In PowerPoint) to easily review the content, enhance retention and ensure your participants stay engaged till the very end. (The PowerPoint game is fully customizable and can be used to create similar review games for other training materials and courses).

✔ Download and get it immediately

All our course material packages are instantly downloaded so you get them immediately after successfully completing your purchase.

For Trainers

Save time and money by delivering an effective training program first time, every time, using our affordable, content-rich training materials that are bespoke designed to ensure smooth delivery, superior understanding, and long-term retention.

Avoid wasting time researching and developing a training protocol that must be tested and delivered multiple times before you can get a real, tangible measure of its efficacy, and potentially, making an expensive and inefficient mistake.
Select one of our comprehensive, fully inclusive training courses or incorporate our modular courses into your existing materials to enhance your content and enrich delivery using fresh, engaging models and concepts that have been proven to work, time and time again.
Keeping your delegates engaged and switched on during learning sessions is one of the core challenges that even professional and experienced trainers commonly face – and our training course materials are specifically designed to encourage interaction and engagement, avoid boredom, and boost trainer confidence to ensure a seamless, slick delivery.
Take the hard work out of delivering training to your employees and ensure the maximum return on your investment!

For People Managers

As a leader, developing and supporting your team is of course your top priority – so discover the trainer in you and take charge of your team’s professional development and advancement with our affordable courseware packages and training course materials.
Our carefully structured and highly organized courseware materials allow anyone with basic presentation skills to follow and deliver training content confidently and efficiently, complete with helpful tips and insights provided at key stages along the way to build and maintain momentum and ensure an impactful delivery.
Liven up team meetings, choose and reinforce key learning points and boost your team’s enthusiasm and understanding with our professional training course material packages, and integrate bitesize learning opportunities into huddles and collaborations to stress specific skills and concepts that serve your key development areas.

Take control of your team and help them – and you – to reach your full potential by using our training course materials to deliver seamless workplace learning on the go.

Customize Your Training Package To Suit Your Requirements

All our training course material packages are 100% customizable and can be adapted to match your training objectives and the requirements of your audience. You can even re-brand your course materials with your own corporate identity, although we retain the copyright of our course content and do not permit the resale of our packages.

Add Standalone Modules

Individual standalone training modules and topic areas can be integrated into all of our training programs, to allow you to focus on and customize specific topics as required, or to enable you to add or incorporate your own existing course materials.

Let Your Delegates Grow With Activities, Exercises And Games

All of our training course material packages include a plethora of self-discovery and independent learning activities, exercises, and games designed to address specific key learning points, as well as providing additional ideas for activities and interaction to add depth and interest to your existing course materials.

Our comprehensive range of courseware packages and training modules incorporate a range of niche-specific subject areas targeted toward clients in the retail sector, including topics such as retail selling skills and retail sales forecasting and planning. We also offer a range of call centre-specific training courses like controlling calls, handling angry callers and telephone debt collection.

Unlike the wide variety of off-the-peg training course material providers on the internet that wait to trap the unwary would-be trainer with generic canned courses that prioritize style over substance, our soft skills topics are carefully developed to target specific skills and mindsets using hands-on immersive learning and innovative training models.

All our training materials and courseware packages are designed and developed with both trainers and trainees in mind and have been tried and tested on the job to ensure their successful delivery by trainers of all types, from frontline employees and first-timers to senior management and training professionals alike.