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Executive Leaders and managers are regularly required to act as a “coach” to their subordinates and colleagues. However, most leaders, managers, or business owners have no training or little about how to effectively help their people overcome negative behaviors, obstacles, or increase their communication skills. If you’re a manager or leader looking for some tools, techniques or skills easy-to-use, this “coaching leader program” is definitely for you.

We encountered the most common situations in a company and found the best techniques and tools around to help you effectively coach others in a variety of rough and tough situations.

Why You Should Take This Course

Viewing the constraints of a complicated, multi-step traditional coaching models, this certification workshop provides a simple and prompt coaching process that makes coaching memorable and accessible in-the-moment for both novice and experienced coaches alike.

‘Developing Coaching Leaders Program is a substitute of formalized coaching which is usually time consuming and at times gets overlooked for the more immediate responsibilities. The key is not to carve out time to coach, but rather embed coaching into the time you already have.

Plan a Skill Building Workshop for Leaders and Managers
Leadership Pipeline and Succession Planning
Managing Growth or Change
Promotion or New Role
Practical Approach
Proven Tools

Who Should Attend?

Potential Branch Managers
Group Heads
Regional Heads
Senior Managers
Team Leaders
GMs and DGMs
What will you Learn Process Does Coaching Work
  • The purpose of ‘Developing Coaching Leaders Program’ is to equip you with the hands on coaching knowledge, skill and practice. Based on experiential learning model, the workshop will improve your coaching dialogue skills.
  • You will experience this new reality that everyone in an organization can master a new language called ‘dialogue’, to improve leadership, result focus, creativity, problem solving, service excellence and continuous learning.
  • With the new actionable coaching tools, you will learn to show up, every day, knowing that what you say and do makes a difference.


  • e-Modules
  • Pre-training assessment or Quiz (optional)


  • Customized classroom training on fundamental coaching concepts and tools
  • Coaching demo / practice
  • Coaching demos by participants
  • Coaching observations


  • Evaluation of learning through Quiz or assessment
  • Facilitated practice and reporting by participants to the Master Coach and Team
  • Coaching project
  • Follow through assignments after months
  • Ongoing learning and practice support

2014 Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching:

  • 80% saw improved self-confidence
  • 73% saw improved relationships
  • 72% saw improved communication skills
  • 70% saw improved work performance
  • 61% saw improved business management
  • 57% saw improved time management
  • 51% saw improved team performance

CIPD( Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) UK recently Survey:

  • 96% Business people believe Coaching can benefit organization;
  • 92% Business people believe Coaching improves an organization’s bottom line;
  • 88% of line managers are Coaching Staff;
  • 64% of Organizations use external Coaches.

In the book “The Case For Coaching” The author did some research with multiple organizations that have used Coaching in the workplace.

  • 96% Positive Impact on Individuals Performance
  • 87% Positive Impact on Organizational Performance

Research by Bersin & Association found that senior leaders in organizations with coaching skills are effectively and frequently increasing business results by 21%.

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