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Future You commit to create:

  • A promise to stand for something bigger than you pride no matter what!
  • The promise that you will not settle on less than the best.
  • The promise that you will pay the price to keep the promise.
  • The promise that you will stretch yourself.
  • The promise to master the art of putting strategies into practice.
  • The promise to sharpen your tools and learn new skills.

✅ STEP # 2:  RISK 

Discomforts You are willing to embrace:

  • Read the situation with a possibility mindset.
  • Inspire creative solutions to your situation.
  • See the consequences in advance.
  • Know your complete plan (including plan B)


Remodelling your organization to survive the crisis

  • Increase your awareness about your performance and standards
  • Notice how others are doing it
  • Narrate the differentiating point that makes you unique
  • Optimize opportunities by obsessively chasing excellence
  • Validate your readiness for the big game
  • Anticipate the outcomes of your innovative ideas
  • Translate ideas into action
  • Entice yourself to relentless feedback on your progress

✅ STEP # 4:  CHANGE 

Thriving on changes in the new normal:

  • Daily intensity
  • Relate every step with your promise
  • Identify speed-breakers
  • Visualize the preferred future even when it is obscure
  • Enter into your fear-city


Instilling resilience & extreme ownership at all levels:

  • Educate yourself constantly
  • Maximize every growth opportunity
  • Protect yourself against disempowering incidents
  • Offer selfless support to others
  • Welcome a network of support relationships
  • Elevate others leadership potential
  • Reinvent yourself occasionally


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