Build Your Dream Future

What will you learn?

Module 1:

Unleash Your Best Version

  • Write down your goals
  • Winning Framework
  • DARE Self-Discovery Model
    • Direction
    • Acceptance
    • Roadblocks
    • Empowerments
  • Strategies That Will Keep You Motivated

Module 2:

Discover Your Perfect Job

  1. Your Resume
    • What’s Makes Up a Great Resume
    • Reviewing Your Current Resume – Exercise
    • Building Your Perfect Resume(s) – Exercise
  2. Job Boards
    • Understanding How Companies Search For Great Applicant’s Resumes
    • What Job Boards Do You Need to Be On?
    • Setting Up Your Profile On Job Boards – Exercise
  3. Social Media 
  • Building out Your Social Media Presence
  • How Social Media Plays an Important Part in Finding Your Perfect Job!
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media
  1. Searching Jobs
  • Searching for Your Dream Job
  • Applying for your Dream Job
  1. Networking
  • Building Relationships
  • Connecting with people who will help you land your dream job

Module 3:

Landing the Perfect Job

  1. Building Out Social Media Sites
    • Social Media is you and your brand
    • Rules around social media and being professional
    • Be careful how much information you are giving away on social media
  2. Build Out Global Employment Sites
    • What employment sites are good for you
    • How should you manage the sites
  3. Posting and Applying
    • Once your resume is updated, now you’re ready to upload your resume
Answering Emails
  • Keep it simple (don’t answer salary questions, never tell anyone how much your making
  1. Your Appearance
    • Look in the mirror, would you hire you?
    • How do you look?, How do you present yourself?
  2. Interviewing
    • Preparing for the interview
    • How to handle yourself at the interview
    • What to do after the Interview
  3. Negotiating Your Job
    • What to think about
    • Salary
    • Stock Options
    • Bonuses
    • Other (Cars, Stipend, Travel, etc.)

Module 4:

Succeed at Your Job

  1. Before Your Start Date
    • Learn what you can about the company, the culture, your manager through social media, (Linkedin)
  2. Day 1 through 90 at Your New Job
    • Understand your responsibilities, know the org chart, understand the challenges your team faces
  3. Building Relationships
    • How to build relationships?
  4. How to Build Value In Your Role
    • How to build value in your role
  5. Check-Ins with your manager
    • Weekly/Monthly Check-ins
    • Status Reports, etc.
  • Build Your Dream Career



A Proven Success Career Plan

STEP # 1
Unleash Your Best Version

STEP # 2
Discover Your Perfect Job

STEP # 3
Landing The Perfect Job

STEP # 4
Succeed at Your Job


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