One Degree More Habit

Everybody knows that at 99 ºC, water is hot. Very hot.


And we also know that at 100 ºC, water begins to boil. And becomes steam. And steam is powerful enough to move a trainload of people. Think about it. Just one degree more—and hot water becomes powerful enough to move a locomotive.


While we may not always realize it, our lives are like that too. One degree means a lot. That little extra effort can mean the difference between being a winner and an also-ran. The difference between achieving your goals and missing them. The difference between being just hot water and being able to move a train.


Too often, we give up when the goal might have been just one step away. We finish second, when just one degree more of effort could have meant a world of difference. Unfortunately, we don’t have the benefit of a thermometer that can tell us to keep going—for just one degree more. Whatever it is you set out to do, whatever goal you seek to achieve, push yourself to do just a little bit more. Just one degree more. And more often than not, that ‘one-degree-more’ attitude will mean huge successes in your life.


And just like the difference between being hot water and moving a train, the rewards in life too are disproportionate. Often a fraction of a second can mean the difference between an unforgettable Olympic gold winner and an also-ran.


You can lose a five-setter Wimbledon final by a whisker—and find that you earn only half the prize money and none of the honour associated with being a Grand Slam champion. Life is tough. One degree makes a world of a difference.

The next time you feel you’ve done your bit, or you feel like giving up, stretch yourself. For just one degree more. The difference can be magical. Successful people do all that is expected of them. And then, they do a little bit more.



Make that extra effort. And watch the magic begin!