"Change Your Mindset, Achieve Anything"

Change your mindset, Achieve Anything


“Change your mindset, achieve anything”

In 2008, Colin was on a beach in rural Thailand and it was beautiful evening. He was watching fire dancers and he decided to partake in the fun. He started jumping a flaming jump rope and he was severely burned in a fire; his injuries covered nearly 25% of his body, primarily damaging his legs and feet. Doctor’s instructed him he might never walk again normally.

Now 2nd phase started in Colin’s life. His mother’s encouragement he decided to set a goal. He decided that one day he’ll compete in a Triathlon. His mother motivated him and he stated his painful journey.

After 18 months, magic happened. Colin set two world records: He became the fastest person ever to complete both the Seven Summits (climbing the highest peak on every continent) and the Explorers Grand Slam (the Seven Summits + skiing to the last degree of the North and South Poles). He completed the challenges in 131 and 139 days, respectively.

Lesson from Colin O’Brady:

  •     Set your clear goals
  •     Think positively
  •     Obstacles aren’t permanent, we have full control of our choices to keep moving forwards.
  •     We have untapped potential it can achieve great things.

Lenses of this story:

There are two lenses of Colin’s story

  • Normal Lens:




  • Stretch Lens:




Which lens will you use in your life? It’s depend on your attitude and mind. Change your attitude, change your life.

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