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What Is Coaching

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.
(John Whitmore, in Coaching for Performance)

Great Leaders

Good To Great Leaders

I am going to share secrets that how can become from good to great leaders, no one ever share with you.

Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence

There are many models of emotional intelligence and the popularize is EI by Daniel Goleman. According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped to popularize EI, there are five main elements of emotional intelligence:

Coaching Mistakes

Top 10 Coaching Mistakes

There are top 10 coaching mistakes. Great coaching requires courage. The conversations can be uncertain, emotional, and even confrontational. Walk away empty.


8 Top Most Common Interview Questions And Answers With Examples And Tips

Tell me about yourself This is probably the single most popular question that interviewers use for opening an interview.

Cover Letter

Best Cover Letter Writing Essentials And Sample

Writing a cover letter is often an annoying and sometimes difficult step in the job application process. Find the sample cover letter in article.

Emotional Intelligence

16 Reasons To Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman, an authority on emotional intelligence in the workplace, notes that “no matter what leaders set out to do—whether it’s creating a strategy or mobilizing teams to action—their success depends on how they do it.


Tips For Preparing For Training

If you aren’t overprepared, you are underprepared. (Robin Sherma) Training is just an art and you are actor. You need to more prepare as you can. Your every step in training and even a single word should be plan.

Coaching Princoples

7 Coaching Principles

1. From tell to ask. 2. Performance and potential. 3. Awareness and responsibility. 4. Building self-belief. 5. Business focus. 6. Systems perspective. 7. Coaching as a mindset

Sales Trap

3 Top Sales Tap

It is important to wait for the client to see that the problem is serious enough to resolve. Psychologically, the solution has less impact on the client when he is not willing to solve the problem than when he is ready to solve it. It’s wrong to assume that you should provide solutions to the customer problems you see.

Interview Mistakes

7 Most Common Interview Mistake That Candidate make

The interviewers may have a packed schedule of interviews for the day, and a late arrival almost certainly makes them feel annoyed with you before you’ve even met. Always carefully plan your journey to the interview. Make sure that you know the route to take whether driving or using public transport.

Leave their Jobs

Why People Leave Their Jobs Or Stay

Studies shows there are four reasons why talented people leave their jobs. 1. Negative Work Environment 2. High stress and pressure 3. Lack of engagement and challenge 4. Lack of recognition and benefits

Coaching Tools

5 Coaching Tools

5 Coaching Tools 1. Questions 2. Rapport 3. Listening 4. Image 5. Emotional Mastery

Zohaib Butt

Does Coaching Really Work

I see coaching as a crucial tool for personal and professional development and for working with individuals. It develops leadership at all levels – tapping into individual potential of each member of your team.

Difference Between Coaching And Mentoring

Mentoring is working with someone where you are modeling how to do what you do. So for a high-level manager, it’s about sharing the ins and outs of becoming that position. A coaching mentor can use coaching skills and offer possibilities to the client: ‘This is how I do it’, not, ‘This is how you should do it.

Coaching Mistakes

10 Deadly Mistakes We All Do With Coaching Questions

The very term “closed question” suggests a type of conversation which is not leading anywhere, and for a good reason: These questions tend to shut the coachee down rather than letting him or her lead the conversation.

2 Key Elements Of Coaching

2 Key Elements Of Coaching

Key elements of coaching are awareness and responsibility. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines awareness as “conscious, not ignorant, having knowledge.” Webster’s Dictionary adds, “Awareness implies having knowledge of something through alertness in observing or in interpreting what one sees, hears, feels, etc.”

Great Reasons To Ask questions

5 Great Reasons To Ask Questions

We’ve been talking about the heart behind the asking approach. There are practical reasons to adopt coaching questions as well. Here are five key reasons to ask instead of tell: Nobody knows more about you than you. Since all the memories of your life are stored in your head, you are the resident expert on you.

6 big Traits Of A Good Coach

If you do not send information as promised, it is appropriate to acknowledge that (or apologize) and send the information if it is still needed. You may have been delayed due to your car damage. However, do not over-explain the reasons, as interpretations easily become excuses that enable us to avoid responsibility for our actions.

Top Five Objections Potential Clients Raise

Most potential clients want to work with a coach. But potential clients often have objections to starting. Usually, these objections are not real; they are simply perceived. So your job is to help them get through or over these, without being too pushy. Remember, your prospective clients do want to work with you; they are simply afraid, slow, or unclear on the focus. You can help them make a great buying decision. Remember, the first “No” is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Here are some ideas.

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